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The Ramen House serves traditional Japanese cuisine from Ramen, Sushi to Sashimi, but altered to suit the local palate. Placing an importance on nutrition and intriguing food presentations, it is a recommended place for connoisseurs in search of a hearty and healthy meal. 

Certainly Ramen is the specialty dish of The Ramen House. The Ramen soup is lovingly prepared by boiling meat and bones patiently for 30 hours to achieve a rich, milky and smooth texture. No artificial flavoring is added. A perfect combination of the restaurant’s springy Ramen noodles along with its flavorful soup, it is sure to leave you delightedly satisfied. Patrons also get to choose from an extensive menu of other delectable dishes ranging from Sashimi to grilled Kishiyaki and succulent Teppanyaki dishes.

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