Lai Yu Lai - Where To Eat In Singapore

LAI YU LAI Three Sauce Simmer Pot is an elegant Chinese restaurant located at Chinatown serving traditional yet creative Chinese dishes using simmer pots. 

Three-sauce simmer pot roots in one famous civil dish-spicy sauce fish in Qing Dynasty. When Emperor Tong Zhi arrived at Jiangsu and Zhe Jiang areas during Southern tour, it developed into one braising dish with sauce. Due to its unique flavor, its fame spreads far and wide. Combining with the principle of three-sauce simmer pot, LAI YU LAI utilizes modern braising technology and sauce therefore you can cook with their different types of in-house special sauces and create your own stew in a combination pot based on your favorite. During the braising process, no water is added in and the dish is completely separated from the air, in semi-vacuum state. At the same time, the sauce is added in the flavor to maintain the delicious, fresh and tender flavor of LAI YU LAI. With new catering idea, the kitchen makes your diet more transparent and healthier, which ensures the safety of consumers. The simmer pots are specially prepared with a variety of main ingredients such as bullfrog, catfish, sirloin & chicken wings. 


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