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Being pioneers of this concept, they have garnered much public interest and media attention for its ingenuity. With an extensive range of appetizers, pizza, pasta, tapas and their very own gourmet burgers all meticulously crafted by their team of chefs, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. In particular, their buffalo wings are definitely worth the calories. How can one resist deep fried chicken wings tossed in a hot and tangy buffalo sauce? For those looking for a heavier bite, go for the “Day and Night Burger”. It has a minced ribeye beef patty that is grilled to perfection with melted cheddar cheese, truffled mayo and caramelized onions served with potato wedges at the side. Are you drooling already? And certainly their creamy tomato pasta served with sautéed mushrooms and bacon is not to be missed. It is no wonder that this dish is the chef’s choice. To complete your meal, try their premium beer like “Sapporo” or “Magners” served straight from the tap. Nothing quite beats a freshly poured glass of chilled beer after a satisfying meal.


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