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Ashley Fan Club Card

Ashley Fan Club Card

Card holders are entitled to a 10% to 20% discount from restaurants and shops. Click on to my blog to read more details.

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Bagus Yong Tau Fu La Mian - Singapore Blogger

Bagus Lamian

This unique Halal stall has attracted many Malay friends throughout the years with our traditional Malay Hakka “YONG TAU FU”.

Satay by the Bay - Where To Eat In Singapore

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Located conveniently within Gardens by the Bay and a stone’s throw from the Marina Barrage, Satay by the Bay is an award-winning waterfront Food Court that blends beautifully into its lush surroundings. Features include a dining pavilion perched on an eco-pond and a drinks island replete with hanging plants. Green canopies and natural ventilation from the waterfront add to the charm, day or night.

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Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot ~ Singapore Blogger

Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot

A beautifully decorated restaurant with pleasant dining ambience, XiangCao XiangCao Yunnan Original Ecology Hot Pot is one of the favorite places for hot pot or steamboat lovers. Combined with modern wellness concept, this restaurant serves only original ingredients such as wild mushrooms, herbs, wild vegetables etc. flown directly from Yunnan, China to give you an authentic taste and a healthy meal. Many different types of wild mushrooms are used as their basic ingredients for the broths which are pretty healthy, tasty and good for your digestive system.

While fungi hot pot is one of the specialties in this restaurant, there are also a wide variety of meats, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients to choose from as well as a great selection of soups, spices and sauces for your hot pot. You can actually try 22 different kinds of spices when enjoying your hot pot here.

The Orange Lantern ~ Singapore Blogger

Hungry for something authentic & different? Then come on down to The Orange Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant and experience the taste of Vietnam right here in Singapore. 

The Orange Lantern prides itself by serving delicious Vietnamese cuisines in addition to its award winning specialties like BBQ Beef in Betel Nut Leaves (Appetizer category), Special Beef Noodle Soup (Main course category) & Avocado shake (Drinks category). 

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Shiitake ~ Where to Eat In Singapore


Nested along the Tanjong Katong Road, you will find this casual Asian Thai dining outlet called Shiitake which serves up a mix of Chinese, Thai, and other Asian cuisines.

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VIP Soup - Where To Eat In Singapore

VIP Soup

“Yi Pin” in Mandarin means “The best”. Yi Pin Tang-VIP Soup is a Chinese restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine, Coconut Herbal Soups and Coconut Steamboat. It is dedicated to serve healthy, nutritional, and delicious dishes suitable for people who live in hot and humid places like Singapore to increase their appetite and maintain a balanced nutrition.

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Island Penang Kitchen - Singapore Blogger

From a humble stall started in Chinatown since 2013, Island Penang Kitchen has grown into a restaurant now in Clementi West. It is one of a few eateries that serve almost all types of  authentic Penang food. Mr. Yeong, the co-owner, learned about food and culinary from his mother at the young age of 15 and picked up every single Penang delicacies available in the market. Penang food lovers will find this family-like restaurant irresistible.

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Siam Secret - Where To Eat In Singapore

Siam Secret

At Siam Secret, you can be spoilt for their extensive and wonderful authentic Thai cuisine menu. There are numerous dishes you can choose from the various submenus such as Starter, Salad, Fish, Hot Pot, A La Carte, Stir-Fried, Tom Yum & Soup, Rice & Noodle, Drinks and Desserts. With a team of Thai chefs behind their secret recipes, your fussy taste buds are in for a treat.

Most of the ingredients used are imported from Thailand that explains why the flavor of the dishes carry a distinctive taste on it's own. Well liked by many locals, you will be surprised with how addictive it can be with after tying for the first time. 

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Thai food lovers will be delighted that they can now savor the delicious authentic Thai cuisine in a cozy ambience with friendly and good services at Siam Secret without hurting their pocket too much.

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